Web & ROI Analytics

Clients pay us for this. This is also where our clients see the most benefits from our partnership. It doesn’t matter how you measure it. We are MANIACAL data, analytics, and reporting managers for our clients. We measure everything, from brand awareness to conversions and phone calls. Que Commerce is focused on two things: acquiring new customers for our clients, and lowering the overall cost of customer acquisition. The greater the return on investment, the lower the former and the higher the former. Here are our services for measuring and reporting ROI.

  • Google Analytics and Third Party Traffic
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Traffic Sourcing
  • Google Content Experiments
  • Website Split Testing
  • Financial Analysis, Pricing & Marketing Discovery
  • Attribution Modeling

We can produce better results if we measure the campaign’s performance for our clients. This aligns our interests further. Analytics is what drives our agency. It is what keeps us awake at night and drives our success.

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