Pay Per Click

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid Search (also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEM advertising) is a type of advertisement that contains text that is written by advertisers. These ads are triggered when certain keywords and phrases are searched for in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or other search engines. The advertiser gets billed for each click that a person makes on an ad. There are many keywords and phrases to choose from.

Pay-per-click advertising offers an alternative to searching engine optimization. Customers available immediately who will click on your site and review what you have to offer? Here are some paid search services that we offer for our clients.

  • Client Consultation & Benefits & Customer Segregation Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research & Discovery
  • Implementation Paid Search Campaign
  • Management by Pay Per Click
  • Measurement, Tracking, and Optimization
  • Client Consultation & Benefits Strategy
  • Goal Setting & Objective (Call versus sales)
  • AdGroup & Ad Development
  • Ad Click Through Rate Maximization
  • Maximization of Quality Score
  • Campaign Ad Extension
  • Google Shopping Campaign- If Ecommerce Centered
  • Daily Monitoring, Measurement, and Optimization
  • Call Tracking – Implemented by Our Team
  • Team Reporting
  • Integration with Social Media & Local Search Channels

Paid Search isn’t a way to just let Paid Search run your advertising channels. Even small changes can have a big impact on ROI for companies with large budgets. We have teams that monitor and measure our daily process. We can use our testing and reporting to see what is working and how to get the best leads.

To see a more detailed description of a pay-per-click strategy, or to learn more about the typical layout, visit You can run a trial campaign for no cost Contact us today. Feel free to browse the case studies The process of creating a campaign for your company.

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