Our clients

Moving Company (Paid search):

One of our clients was interested in exploring the paid search advertising services given they never invested in paid search. Most of the company’s marketing was done through agents, networking, standard moving websites, and Craigslist. We took the time to calculate the average customer value of the company and set standard customer targets. We were able create a paid-search campaign based on these metrics and other metrics.

The paid search campaign included around 1000 keywords, which were targeted at buyers who were looking for moving services. Market Penetrator directed the search campaign over 2 days for $150 ad spend. It resulted in 10 phone calls and 2 new clients Visit the website of the client. The client made $1000 on a $150 investment based on his average customer value of $500. We have repeated this campaign when things have slowed down to maintain the consistency.

Local Contractor (SEO):

We were referred this client who was been using Paid Search for 2 years. They decided to investigate other strategies for customer acquisition that were sustainable, targeted, and cost-effective.
After consulting with this local contractor and understanding the firm’s average customer value for specific sectors of clients, we created a strategy to targeted keywords that were healthy in search volume and focused to their business.

Search Engine Optimization It takes patience, good research, steady link “earning”, and a content strategy. We were able to rank 10 keywords that are highly competitive on Google’s first page in 3 months. Two of these keywords are in the number one position. We maintain our client’s campaign, as well as growing their brand in organic listings on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Locksmith (Paid Search):

This client is in North Carolina and runs the locksmith business in the tri cities.
Market Penetrator has been working with locksmith to run a paid search campaign to increase the customers.