Maps & Social Media Domination

Of course, everyone has heard of Facebook & Google. The real news is how you can allow us to use both of these giants to dominate your local market and literally crush your competition for pennies compared to what your competition can do!

Let me explain…

Both Facebook & Google are trying to capture the local marketplace. Google has Google My Business (formerly Google Maps) and Facebook has made their search results fine-tuned to make sure that local businesses with their Facebook Business pages get the attention of the local consumer. BOTH OF THESE ARE CONTENT-DRIVEN If you provide fresh, relevant content, these big boys will reward you by directing potential local customers to your site!

We Feed Google & Facebook What They Want

We Do It All…

  1. We make sure that your Facebook business page is optimized and professional.
  2. We create and optimize your profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  3. We create fresh new content and upload it DAILY to each of these platforms on your behalf.
  4. We create and optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  5. We create fresh new content and upload it to your GMB listing DAILY on your behalf.

When Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest see the fresh new content that is being fed to your accounts on a daily basis, they start making sure that the people searching for what you offer, find you.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would these Internet giants reward a site or listing that sits there stagnant? They want fresh. They want alive. They want to be fed and we feed the beast!

We Also Get Your Visitors Engaging With You Completely Automated !!!

So we know that you will have fresh content that Google & Facebook Loves. We know that they will start making sure your site and listing get noticed. We now want to make sure that these visitors take ACTION!

That’s why we also create automated “bots” that will engage with your visitors and get them to leave their contact information or schedule a time to talk/meet with you. This customized technology is designed directly into your Facebook business page so that it is working for you 24 hours a day. This advanced technology will have your visitors believing they are engaging with you. There is NOTHING stronger for your local marketing campaign!

Google My Business Is The Gorilla In The Room and We Have All The Bananas!

Every smartphone user that looks for any type of local business or service is familiar with Google My Business. The map to their location, hours of operation, pictures of the business, and contact information is all right there immediately. It is estimated that a business at the top of these listings gets as much as 90% of the local business volume. This is why your business needs to be here IF you are going to dominate your market locally. This is why we again FEED THE BEAST for your business!

We create the listing for you, we optimize it according to what Google is looking for, we create press releases, we set up directories and links that point back to your listing, articles, videos, and of course the fresh content daily. Google sees this relevant content and they reward you with a solid placement in the GMB maps and hand-deliver you fresh customers while crushing your competition at the same time!

Check out our pricing below. You will not see another US-based marketing firm offer anything comparable to what we offer. Our service works and our clients stay with us because of this fact. A business cannot succeed without marketing. People need to know you exist in order to become a customer. If you want to truly dominate your local market, look no further. Contact us today!


The Market Dominator Package is a complete done for you way to beat out your local competition.
It is basically your marketing department on steroids