Automated Prospecting System

Hate cold calling? So did we. That's why we created an automated prospecting system that does the nasty work for you.

Our system was created so that you, the busy B2B sales professional can literally canvas your local market in a few days, instead of what would normally take months to do.

No Spam Emails

No Cold Calling

No Direct Mail That Does
Not Get Opened

No Telemarketing

Our proprietary process has your message going past the dreaded gatekeeper and directly to the decision maker. It ensures that your message is read.

What makes our process even more effective is that once the message goes to the decision-maker, it is followed up with an email directly to that decision-maker referencing the message that was sent before. This way, it firmly brings your product or service to the front of mind.

We are not saying that you will never have to make another phone call to a prospect. What we are saying is that in many cases, we have seen the decision-makers reach out first and in other cases, the decision-maker remembers your messages and emails when you call. Either way, our high tech, ultra-efficient, and super affordable process makes your life easier and financially more rewarding.

Better Act Fast...

While our process can literally help each and every B2B sales professional, we can’t. We will not create internal competition. This means that when we get a client in a certain local market to offer a certain product or service, that is the only one we will accept for that market. Once it becomes known that our process is available, areas will go fast.

Two More Reasons To Act Fast

In order to ensure the success of our clients, we will be tripling up on our process. This means that when you come onboard as a client, we will give you three (3) months for the price of one. That’s right! We will do the process (3) times over a (3) month period to help assure your local success. Two more great reasons to act fast!

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